Back Covers


Phone back covers in Kenya

Back covers are essential for our day-to-day phone handling. Most smartphones these days usually have metal or glass builds which makes it hard to prevent them from always being safe. A good back cover usually goes a long way in protecting a phone. Luckily these days there are screen covers for everybody as they range from ultra-slim to extremely rugged.


Phone Back Covers can be broadly divided into 4 categories which are: hybrid, thin, rugged, and wallet.

Thin covers

As their name, thin phone covers are usually ultra-thin and do not add any weight to a device. They have a single-Layer cover that is made with either polycarbonate or TPU. Users who want a minimalistic cover should go for this type.

An example is the Nillkin Transparent Soft Phone case

Hybrid covers

Hybrid cases are usually thin and light but offer more protection than the thin back covers. They are usually made from a combination of materials such as a dual-Layer case or a polycarbonate back and TPU bumper.

Rugged Covers

Rugged cases are usually big and bulky but always ensure that your phone can survive anything. 

An example of this is the Nillkin Rugged Protective Phone case.

Wallet Cases

These types of cases are usually multipurpose. Besides being phone cases, they also allow you to keep ID, cards, and even cash. On the other hand, those with folio covers usually help in keeping the display safe without a screen protector.

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