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When phones were not as common as they are now, people used to spend their free time watching TV or listening to the radio. Even though one may simply watch any other show on his or her smartphone nowadays, the delight of sitting with family and watching a football event or a singing competition on television is still unrivalled. So, if you're looking to replace your old television with a new one, you can't go wrong with a Samsung television. A Samsung TV is designed with highly efficient features. These features, combined with technologies, deliver top-notch picture quality.

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Buying a television can also be quite difficult. As televisions have so many functions, there's a risk you'll be puzzled. If you don't understand the distinctions between a Samsung smart TV and a Samsung LED TV 81.28-cm (32), for example, you can be confused. But, you can set your concerns aside. Read on to learn how to choose a Samsung TV that meets your requirements:


Different resolutions are available on different televisions. There are three types of televisions: Ultra HD, Full HD, and HD.

4K televisions are another name for Ultra HD televisions. When it comes to the greatest resolution, 4K takes the cake. A TV with this quality will allow you to enjoy even the smallest details. A TV with this resolution will allow you to see even the smallest details vividly. They come with  a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixel density.

Full HD televisions also offer a bright and high-resolution image. They have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and are available in screen sizes up to 127 cm (50). If you want to buy one in this category, you may look at the Samsung LED TV 81.28-cm (32) Full HD and others.

HD televisions are great for individuals looking for a Samsung television with a smaller screen. They are also extremely inexpensive. They feature a 1280 x 720-pixel resolution.

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A poor-quality television can hinder the pleasure of watching video content. Consider watching a film in which the scenes are shot against dark and grey backgrounds. Only an exceptional display will allow you to enjoy each scene without missing out on the intricacies. If you have a television that makes it difficult to watch such scenes in bright light, it's time to get rid of it. If you're concerned about your finances, you can eliminate that concern as well.

Samsung televisions not only provide an impressive display, but they are also reasonably priced. You can purchase one for every room in your house. If you are planning to watch the latest movies on Netflix watch with your family on a big-sized screen, Zuricart suggests you install a Samsung 139.7-cm (55) TV in your living room. If you are looking for a small size for your bedroom, then you can stall a Samsung 81.28-cm (32) TV in it. Buy now them all on Zuricart.

New launches: Samsung smart televisions:

With dynamic colour enhancers, 4K UHD resolution, broad viewing angles, low bezels, and the Bixby voice assistant, Samsung's latest television line will leave you spoilt for choice. Let's see what the latest from the brand has to offer:

Samsung Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV, 163cm (65 inch)

With this Samsung 65-inch smart TV, you can immerse yourself in your favourite video material. The TV's 4K UHD resolution provides clean and crisp images for a realistic watching experience every time you turn it on. Samsung's UHD Dimming separates the screen into small pieces and processes each one separately to ensure that you see every little detail. TVs with HDR technology have a wider variety of colours. As a result, even in the darkest of settings, you can see a wide range of colours on the screen. While the massive 65-inch screen can bring characters to life, the TV's ultra-slim design just adds to your decor. Bixby, the intelligent voice-controlled assistant, allows you to access and operate functions with ease via voice commands. You may watch movies on Apple TV in addition to purchasing and renting them. Yes, Apple TV channels are available on this Android TV. With SmartThings, you can connect practically all of your IoT sensors and devices to this Samsung TV. Use it to turn on the lights or peek into the refrigerator!


Samsung The Frame 138cm (55 inches) QLED Smart TV in Ultra HD (4K)

'The Frame' will add a lovely, unexpected element of contemporary art to your living area. When turned on, it provides entertainment, and when turned off, it appears like a painting due to its very thin bezel. You can choose from over 1000 paintings in the library to view what you wish to see. When you're in the same room as the TV, the 'Motion Sensor' turns on the artwork. It saves electricity by turning it off when you leave. Quantum Dot technology from Samsung gives you 100 per cent colour volume no matter how dark the scene is. To get a better view, tilt the frame forward, back, or sideways.

The best visuals from almost any angle in the room. You can access and control all linked devices from a single location with One Remote. You may stream and share video from your Apple devices to the big screen using Airplay 2. Connect a wide range of devices to this TV with just one connection box (One Invisible Connection) while keeping them all away from it for a clutter-free living room.

Samsung Series 4 LED Smart TV, 80cm (32 inches), HD Ready

The Series 4 allows you to turn your TV into a traditional computer. You can work from anywhere, reflect your laptop onto a large screen, and access your office computer remotely. As you watch your favourite music come to life.

Why Buy a Samsung TV

One of the driving forces that have made one among the market leaders is the immense number of TVs that the company puts out on an annual basis. With a range of smart television options, from budget-oriented small TVs and HD goggle boxes to premium 4K QLEDs that have brilliant and crystal-sharp displays, it is not hard to believe the market supremacy of TVs over its competitors. With a selection of LED TVs, QLED TVs, Designer models, and more, have you covered the price spectrum?


Clear pictures are accompanied by a very bright screen is all you get in Samsung TVs. Most of them are UHD, 4K, Q-Dot, or 8K resolution. Further, the processor in these smart TVs processes low-quality pictures to give you quality, clear visions at all times. Most of the latest models of Samsung TV have adopted the auto-dimming feature to improve vision as well as protect your sight in different environments. Depending on the environment’s light intensity the TV adjusts to protect your sight.


Samsung TV has produced even products of different designs offering you different options to choose from. their curved screens, frameless, Neo designed among others. You need to consider the use of the TV, money at hand and the location of the TV. a frameless TV will befit more a living room as it will appear as a while the framed one is more recommended for outdoor purposes.


Samsung Brand has adopted the Tizen OS that is uniquely available in their smart TVs. It displays up-to-date products ensuring you move with the latest trends. Since the first use of Tizen in the year 2015 it has developed over and over to offer you endless content apps and features personalized to each of its users.


Samsung TV makes it possible to connect your Apple devices by tagging along with the Airplay 2. You can therefore own any device as a handset without worrying about connectivity. Another function supported is the Bluetooth for wireless connection between the TVs and sound systems.

Control is versatile in Samsung TVs with hands-free control and home appliance-connected appliances. At the comfort of your couch, you can always control room temperature, fridges as long as they are connected to the TV.


Just like other smart TVs, these are not left behind in giving you the best gaming experience. Sports at home can now feel; like a full stadium with great audio experiences.


We cannot entirely claim that Samsung products are cheap nor that expensive. The brand has set a record of offering an excellent product of class. What you get with their prices is quite worthwhile. Zuricart has not exaggerated the prices of the Samsung TV just offering them as the company produces. This way we make it easier and affordable to get Samsung TVs.

To check on your pocket the Samsung TV are available in different sizes at average prices all for you. While at home go through our website and get yourself a Samsung Device and live to tell of the magic. No coin is lost with at Zuricart.