Sony TVs



The Sony TVs are available in smart Led, OLED, LED, UHD as well as different sizes on Zuricart.  You also get a variety of designs ranging from minimalist designs, seamless edge, and multi-position stands to support the TV. You also get a wide-angle from different positions with Sony TVs thus not limiting your house arrangement. All these designs make the TV living-room friendly.

We have discussed Sony's specification below that can make you choose it as your entertainment partner.


Smart Sony TVs operate through Android OS which comes with advanced features including Chrome casting and the Play store eliminated. Further, you can Voice command your TV hence reducing the workload and fatigue of having to move when controlling your TV.

Android being supported means even online games are possible and a wide range of entertainment is offered to you. You get several apps in the play store as well as pre-installed ones to boost and widen your entertainment source.


The OLED TVs like Sony A90J deliver true black, contrast, and color making everything appear more natural as the scene.

Further Sony TV adapts the auto-dimming feature. For this reason, therefore, at no point will the lighting be too intense to burn your eyes or to dimming to make them struggle. You can thus acquire Sony TV for home use or commercial as everyone is catered for. The brightness on Sony screens is adequate for outdoor and indoor use.


Enjoy pictures harmonized with the sound produced in Sony TV. this, therefore, makes the TV versatile for both commercial and home use Enjoy sports with the stadium feel surrounding you at your coach.

The cognitive processor XR in these TV understands how humans see and hear thus giving you true immersion. A TV that understands your desire without command is all you need.


When compared to most established brands like Samsung we can confidently say that Sony is way affordable. For a TV set with the quality that comes along with these devices, it can never be too expensive. To better things is your online partner, Zuricart giving these screens at great prices.

These TVs are all available online at a very affordable price on Zuricart.