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Get Sony TVs online and upgrade your television to something with advanced technologies and features. You sure will have a great experience watching your favorite shows. The best part is you can order the TV while at work and have it at your doorstep once you get home. Zuricart has an entire series of Sony televisions for you to choose from. You can use various filters supported by our site to search for your preferred TV. It can be via TV size, model number, or the resolution description. You can start your search for the ideal Sony TV by using commonly used search terms such as Sony LED TV 50 inches, Sony LED TV, Sony TV 65 inches, Sony Smart TV, Sony 55 inch LED, and Sony TV 40 inch among others. Alternatively, also look up the following Sony TV models - Sony X75 43 inch 4K. Smart Android TV. You can pay cash on delivery or via M-Pesa using our efficient Pay bill. Either way, you can pass by our shop and acquire your desired TV yourself. We will offer affordable delivery to your destination.

Sony LED TVs

Sony LED TV are available in FHD and UHD. This means that the clarity in both TVs is good since FHD offers you a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. However, if you need a much perfect resolution you can also opt for Sony 4K TVs that offer great picture quality and amazing sound quality as well. The UHD TV as it offers you twice the resolution at 3840x2160 pixels. The user can play games and watch favourite movies and TV shows in crystal-clear clarity. 


Sony Android TVs in Kenya

There are Sony Android TVs operating on the Android OS. They feature multi-connectivity options, 4 HDMI ports, and 3 USB ports. You can also connect your TV to a soundbar, a Chrome cast, or a gaming console to enjoy the TV’s features. Apart from this, the audio quality is great as it comes with powerful and well-balanced stereo speakers that make watching movies an immersive experience. Additionally, they come with pre-installed apps such as YouTube as well as an app store where you can download more apps. 




There have been 4K resolution TVs before offering 1080p resolution, however, Sony brings along the HDR technology. The term HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This means that the television in question is capable of reproducing colours from a wider colour palette than usual. This 4K HDR technology tries to reproduce picture quality that resembles the resolution that we experience through our eyes. The emphasis with the 4K HDR is on colour reproduction, clarity, and brightness. 

4K X-Reality PRO

As mentioned above 4K picture processing technology is incorporated in Sony TV which enhances each pixel by upscaling the resolution of the images in a picture frame. What this means is that when you play a low-resolution video, this technology effectively compares individual image frames in a video to a database of images. It then merges the two to upgrade the resolution. The end result is a video that delivers an immersive viewing experience through your Sony TV. Gaming is just on another level with X- Reality Pro.

Motion flow XR

This is another technology that can be found on Sony TV that contributes to a better viewing experience. It delivers blur-free images that have sharp details. As you now understand, Sony places great importance on the performance of their TVs. As mentioned earlier they are a bang for your buck.


Bass Reflex Speaker and Clear Audio+

Bass Reflex Speaker technology in Sony TVs boasts an isolated box design facilitating enhanced sound reproduction. Therefore, the viewer gets to hear every minute detail in the content they are watching. Enjoy music videos with crisp highs and deep lows with lyrics that can be clearly heard. The clear Audio+ on the other hand makes necessary adjustments in order to deliver music and dialogue from your content with clarity.

Cable Neatness

All cables of Sony TVs are well organized on the rear side thus giving the TV a clean and uncluttered look. A clean look is achieved when the cables are stored in a concealed manner within the TV stand. The stand tags along with the TV in the box.


Screen Size 

You Would want to watch your favourite movies/videos with your family on a bigger and better screen - wouldn’t you? And, when it comes to screen size, Sony TVs can have a size ranging from 22 inches and upwards. So, pick one that isn’t too small when compared with respect to the size of your family. Also, if the TV you’re buying is too big, then you may face difficulties in finding a place for it in your home. However, this is useful for commercial purposes. Zuricart got from 32 inches- to 75 inches

Screen Resolution 

 There are FHD and UHD Sony TVs having resolutions from 1080p -to 2160p. The resolution of your TV is basically the number of pixels that make up the picture on its screen and the technology of HDR brings truer images to you. So, the more the pixels, the sharper and finer the details of the picture. A good example of a TV with crystal-clear screen resolution is the Sony X85J 65-inch Class HDR 4K UHD Smart LED Google TV. This is 3840x2160P having HDR technology.



The number of connectivity options and uses of the port is yet another thing to look for in a TV.

 For instance, the Sony X75 43-inch 4K Smart Android TV has 4 HDMI ports, and 3 USB ports, so you can connect a sound bar, Chrome cast, and a game console, and still have room for more. So versatile for you and your usages. 



Have audio that matches your TV display for a greater entertainment experience. Sony TVs come with powerful and well-balanced speakers that make movies, videogames, and music more immersive and enchanting. Further modern Sony TVs such as Sony Class X80J Series 75 inch have the Bluetooth feature through which you can connect a speaker wirelessly.

Quality that matches the price

Sony has over time been in the discussion due to its price. However, when compared to other leading brands the TV is relatively affordable. Besides the quality of these TV and the features tagged along are all worth the price. 


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