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You not only need a TV set for entertainment and updates but also the best. We are the most trusted to sell smart, Android TVs as well as Digital TV. all TVs are available at different prices, brands, and sizes. We ensure that after services are offered to you by our ever-present customer care desk. 

Zuricart understands your strain to get money to acquire a TV set that’s why we ensure that you receive your package safely without malfunctions. We got a variety of TVs with amazing features including 4K Ultra TVs, curved TVs, HD TVs, and also HDTV. To better and broaden your options is the new 8K TVs.


If you just want a TV that will just offer you common local channels, then this is the TV for you. There is no internet required to enjoy up to hundred channels. It enables high-definition television formats thus providing adequate resolution compared to their predecessor the analogs. Smart TVs are digital TVs in some way since they use digital transmissions. However, they are not put in this category since they come with internet connections. As small as 22 inches digital TVs are available e.g. CTC LED DIGITAL TV 19 Inches TV on Zuricart. These sizes go from 19 inches,22 inches, 24 inches, and 32 inches to 43inches.



Need a digital TV with great and advanced technologies? It’s a smart TV that you need. We are calling the digital since the. Saying that they are digital means they use the digital transmissions however they connect effectively to the internet for online content. You want to conveniently stream services such as YouTube with the smart TV. various brands have now produced smart TVs thus giving you a wide range to select from. At Zuricart we have the most affordable smart TV as low as Ksh. 13,700 you get Glaze 32-inch Smart TV. Additionally, the smart TVs are available from 32, 40, 43, 49, 50, and 55, up to over 65 inches. These TVs are available in different brands from the least popular like Amtec 50-inch Smart TVs. All the way to the popular and pricy ones like Samsung 65QN85AAU Neo QLED.



Generally, you can term Android as a smart TV on a whole new level as it is incorporated with the Android software. Stream more entertainment from your favorite apps and play music and games with the android TV. Cast even much content from any device and have much more. The best part of smart TVs is they come with pre-installed apps and a play store where you can download more apps. For the pre-installed apps, you get apps that come along with the TV, these include YouTube, Netflix, Prime, and HBO. These smart TVs have even a voice assistant thus allowing you to control your TV using your voice.


Today you want to get the best view which is almost close to the real scene thus most of the modified to 4K resolution. However, there is the screen technology that propels the backlights of the screen. In this case, is where we get the ULED technology. LED are improved features implemented from the LED technology. It has a full array of local backlight dimming, wide color gamut, higher motion rate, brightness,4K resolution, and a processor. The ULED is more advanced in terms of images with the mentioned 4 features.


This feature has an advantage over the ULED by being able to turn pixels on and off individually instead of using the usual backlights. Let’s get an example of a scene with street lighting, in the ULED the lights will bleed into each other. In OLED each light with having its exclusive lighting without getting effect from the other. This makes each aspect of the scene stand out with contrast boosted. TVs with such features including LG C1 55 inch 4K Smart OLED TV , Sony Bravia A80J 55 inch OLED TV are all available on Zuricart both online and for walk-in clients.


Well as much as the OLED TVs have contrast advantages the ULED comes up again with the Quantum Dot technology that adds an advantage to the brightness. the technology offers double brightness which is OLED. In a bright or well-lit place, the Quantum Dot ULED TVs will be more suitable. Therefore, you need a commercial screen that can be placed in an open environment to get the kinds of Samsung 65Q60AAU QLED TV available on Zuricart of all brands including TCL and Samsung.


These TVs have been in stock since the digital era having TCL D3000 43 inch Digital TV which is a digital TV. Over time the company moves with the moving technology thus producing smart and Android TVs TCL 43S68A, TCL 55P725, TCL 55C725, TCL 55C728. The TCL category on Zuricart is of different sizes from 32inches to TCL 75X915 75 inch QLED 8K Smart Android TV. Have you seen the resolution stated back there? 8K wow, I mean twice the 4K resolution, clarity over clarity giving you actual scenes.

Hisense TVs Prices in Kenya

The Hisense brand being a very fast-growing brand does not have a digital TV before smart TV. The TVs have been produced with the Android OS thus the availability of the Hisense 65A7200f 65-inch Frameless Smart Android TV. However, of late the company seems to be majoring in having their own OS which is the VIDAA with great features. All VIDAA TVs of varying sizes are stocked on Zuricart including Hisense A7GQ 85 inches 4K UHD Smart TV, Hisense 43A61G 43 inch 4K UHD TV,  Hisense 50A61G 50 inch

Samsung TVs Prices in Kenya

This is yet another brand without the digital TVs meaning all Samsung TVs are available in the smart models. All models, as well as sizes, are stocked as seen on our online page. Place your order of even the latest and most advanced like Samsung QA65LS03AAU 65 inch The Frame Art Mode 4K QLED Smart TV.

Sony TVs in Kenya

As stated from the beginning on Zuricart we offer a wide brand of TVs so you can select the best and most affordable. For that reason, we have the Sony TV available. By searching the term Sony, Sony Bravia, or by model numbers such the J series. Sony X80J 55 inch, Sony X85J 65 inch.

LG TVs in Kenya

You want a classy TV or one you have seen on billboards. Worry less as we will not only deliver it to you but also test and ensure it's all set and ready for use. From the smallest in size of 32 inches- LG 32LJ570  – 32″ Smart FHD TV- to the large LG NanoCell TV 55 inch NANO75 Series 4K UHD Smart TV. heard of the NanoCell technology and the Thin-Q in LG products then here is where you get it in our smart and latest LG TVs.

NOBLE PLUS TVs- things get even better with the arrival of the Nobel smart TV. Considering the size of your pocket here is a TV for you. The new TVs of as low as 27000 or Nobel Plus 43 inch run on Android software.

GLAZE and AMTEC TVs in Kenya

Digital, smart, and smart Android TV of average prices are just a touch away from your smartphone. you have you 10000 and you need a TV? why not? 

Yes, you will get a digital TV like the Glaze 24-inch Digital LED TV. Zuricart has up to 43 inches of this TV. Similarly, the Amtec TVs are extremely affordable with 32500 you can get Amtec 50-inch Smart TV. Yes, it is unbelievable but true, you can get 50 inches with less than Ksh.35,000.

VITRON TVs in Kenya

This very growing brand has TVs with smart features such as UHD and frameless design in Vitron 50-inch FRAMELESS 4K UHD Android TV. equally, these are TVs of such affordable prices in addition to their great feature. We have these restocked as well to ensure you get a wide range to select from. this also minds your pocket.

Below are some guides to help you get a suitable TV set for your use.


As earlier mentioned there is curved TV and add that are slim TVs, frameless, seamless, and frame. Depending on your décor theme and appearance you can decide to match it to the TV. also if you have kids you may opt for the frame TV as the risk is much limited. The glam that you want in your home is what to consider.


Believe it that no amount of money is too little as you can always acquire a TV within the depth of your pocket. You don’t have to go pocket empty just to have a TV set. Zuricart has all price range sets for you. Always consider this factor to enjoy entertainment without debts


This can also be limited by the size of the living space therefore you have to bear this in mind before acquiring a suitable set. We got all TV sizes in smart, android, and digital as small as 19” to 100”. This factor can also be dependent on money.


There are Digital, Android, and smart TVs. You would see no need to purchase an Android or smart TV in a remote area with no internet. Similarly, you need the latest TV for a city location where you frequently use the internet. Before purchasing a TV learn about its features and select the type you want.

For gaming and online-based business, you can easily get a smart or Android TV. these come with amazing Android OS and powerful processors. They also bear gaming features supporting, gaming boxes, and online and offline games as well.

 On the other hand, if all you need is entertainment and staying up to date on news without extra cost get the digital TV with an inbuilt decoder that will serve you effectively.


Finally, the purpose of the TV is yet a factor to consider. Not all TV will be for indoor and home use. At times you may need a TV for your restaurant, Church, and other outdoor purposes. For instance, the outdoor TV has to be with high resolution and great Audio. On the other hand, home TV will mostly be those that match your home décor and appear more like a piece of art.

Reach us today and get your TV without having fears of online products. Zuricart is here to make Online easy for you.

Question and Answers

  • Q: How do I choose the best Smart Television for my home? A: All smart televisions mostly have similar features. However, the size of the TV differs. Some models might also have extra features based on model type. Please refer to the product description to be sure about the features before you buy a Smart TV for your home.
  • Q: How do I know which TV model will serve my purpose? A: Each Television has a product description, and you can read that to know everything about the TV and its features. As per your need and choice, you can select the TV.
  • Q: Can Google Meet and Zoom be installed on Smart TVs? A: Yes. Smart TV has the facility to download Google Meet and Zoom just like you download apps on your phones
  • Q: What is the average Smart TV price in Kenya? A: Depending on the TV model you select and the features it offers, the price varies. Please refer to the product description to know the price of a particular model.
  • Q: Can I get a wall mount TV? A: Yes. The TV does not come with a wall mount but comes with a TV stand. You can either mount it on your wall or put it on a TV table using the stand.
  • Q: .Can we use local channels in LED TVs? A: Yes. You can use Digital channel TVs or any other cable operating services on your television.
  • Q: What are the apps supported in Smart TVs? A: Smart TV supports all apps available on the Play Store like Youtube, Netflix, Prime, Google Meet, and beyond
  • Q: Can I connect the keyboard and mouse to Smart TVs? A: Yes. You can connect external devices like a keyboard, mouse, and others to your Smart TV as and when required.
  • Q: Do Smart TVs support external HDD and play stations? A: Yes. You can attach your external hard disk drive or PlayStation to your Smart TV without hassle