Infinix Phones


INFINIX Phones Price in Kenya

Infinix Phones are great phones that come with powerful batteries and inbuilt battery-saving features. Besides that, they stand apart by having processors and great cameras at a much more affordable price. They are usually run by their own XOS UI which is an amazing aspect. The first debut of Infinix came with Infinix Note 3 and Hot S. Since then there have been a number of more powerful smartphones from the company.


The Infinix Series comprises the Note, Hot,S,Zero, and Smart series.

Infinix Note: The note brand comprises mid-range phones. Some of the best phones under this category are Note 10 Pro and Note 8.

Infinix Hot: The Infinix Hot series is usually set to cover the budget class. Great phones under this series are the Hot 10T and Hot 11s.

Infinix S & Smart: This category entails the mid-range of phones. This includes Smart 5A and Infinix S5.

Infinix Zero: Infinix Zero carries the weight of the brand’s flagship range. This range also comes with some of the best camera phones. Some of the Zero series include Zero X Pro and Zero 8.


Infinix is a more affordable option if you are going for camera phones. In terms of selfie cameras, S5 has one of the best selfie cameras as it comes with a 32MP front camera. Zero X pro stands out with its optical zoom and 60X hybrid zoom capabilities while Note 11Pro has a telephoto (30xzoom) camera making it to be a great rear phone. 


Reliable batteries are another stronghold for Infinix Phones. Most of the largest battery phones come with a capacity of 5000mAh-6000mAh. In this bracket, you will be able to find devices such as Infinix Smart 5, Note 11, and Hot 11 Play.


1.Do Infinix Phones have video stabilization

Not all Infinix phones come with video stabilization. Actually, the first Infinix phone that came with video stabilization was the Infinix Note 7.

2. Which is the best Infinix Phone? 

New phones keep being released every year thus making it hard to specify the best Infinix phones. However, the Infinix Zero range is the flagship model and definitely comes with one of the best phones.

3.Is Infinix a good brand?

Yes. Infinix phones tend to offer good value for money. They provide more features for the same price than competing brands of the same level.