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OPPO Phones Price in Kenya 2022

Oppo Phones are well-known for their excellent cameras and beautiful design. Oppo phones, suitably dubbed "camera phones," are selfie experts, and the company has been rated 4th in the world since 2016. Oppo mobiles not only aim to disrupt selfie technology but also include lots of new outstanding software and hardware at reasonable rates ranging from Ksh 17,000 to Ksh 25,000. Are you looking for new Oppo phones? Find them all on Zuricart and keep updated on the latest updates. Oppo A96, Oppo Reno 7, Oppo A16K, and Oppo Reno 7 5G are the most recent phones introduced by the company. It features a 64MP front camera that uses AI to beautify photos, as well as a facial, unlock technology.


In case you don’t know what Oppo Series is best for you, here is a little breakdown that will help you understand which category you fit best in.

Oppo Reno 7 5GOppo Reno 7, | Oppo Mobile Phones Under 20,000 |  Oppo Mobile Phones Under 35000 |  Oppo Mobile Phones Under 40000 | 


The F series phones have been powered by Media Tek processors and come with great selfie cameras. They also brag of running on the latest MediaTek Helio processors and a large battery that is also supported with fast charge. The Oppo F series has however since been discontinued and replaced with the Reno series. 

Great phones under this category are Oppo F19 Pro, Oppo F17, and Oppo F15.


The A series consists of the best budget phone and is aimed at budget-minded consumers. They usually have stylish designs and slim bezels. They are a great match for budget consumers who need good-looking phones.

Oppo A54, A94 5G  is a great phone under this series


The Reno series come with the best cameras. They are usually camera-centric and have the best camera set up, the latest features, and huge displays. Users who prefer having a phone with the latest features but a good price range can always count on the Reno series.

Oppo Reno 5 Series is a great pick under this category with Reno 6 standing out with its telephoto camera.


Oppo Find Series have the flagship mobile phones. It has the best Android phones in the market and passes out elegant and premium devices. These phones come with power-packed hardware, great design, and charming colors.

Oppo Find series are great for users who desire flagship features. They run on 5G and have the latest processors, extensive storage, great camera, and even 4K video shooting capabilities.

Some of the best Oppo Find series are: Oppo find X3 Pro and Oppo Find X.


1.Which Oppo Series is the best?

The best Oppo series depends on your budget and the features that you desire. Oppo A Find series is great if you are short on budget. The Reno series are good for budget users into cameras. On the other hand, users looking for 5G phones with the latest features can find solace in Oppo find series.

2. Is Oppo a Good Phone?

Oppo is actually a great phone brand. Oppo phones offer the best value for money. It also houses several phones that can fit consumers of all types.