OnePlus Phones


ONEPLUS Phones Price in Kenya

OnePlus mobile phones have an admirable pitch that it gives to its consumers making them attracted to the phones. It has been able to cut through the market by having flagship killer mobile devices that also offer high features at extremely low prices. This is one of the reasons that should drive you to get a One Plus phone 

With OnePlus, you will basically learn that affordable products with high quality are exciting.These devices are able to run on great chipsets while still having a high performance. An example of this is the OnePlus 8T being the last flagship of 2020 while having Snapdragon 865 SoC at the core. Additionally, OnePlus phones also come with high efficiency which is credited to their RAM and little bloatware making them desirable.


OnePlus has two famous series. This includes the OnePlus T series and the One Plus Nord Series. Under the OnePlus T series, the greatest phone includes OnePlus 8T and the OnePlus 7T.

On the other hand, Under the OnePlus Nord series, the greatest phone includes OnePlus Nord and OnePlus Nord 2.


The best OnePlus camera phones credit has to go to the OnePlus 9 Pro which has a Hasselblad Partnership benefit and a freeform ultra-wide lens that allows it to reduce distortion at the edge of images. It is definitely a giant leap for OnePlus Photography.


Various OnePlus smartphones come with a high processing speed and run on Snapdragon Chipset as well as MediaTek chipset. OnePlus 9 Pro as an example comes with top-end power and a high-performance chipset. Additionally, you can also count on OnePlus Nord 2 for solid performance at a good price.


If there is a list of the best gaming phones, then One Plus 9 pro and OnePlus 9 deserve a seat somewhere there. They both run on the high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset and have a 128/256GB storage option that encourages gaming.


1.What is good about OnePlus phones?

One Plus mobile phones run on great chipsets and boast of great performance. They are also affordable and have high efficiency.

2. What are Unique features in OnePlus phones

Unique features that are only found in OnePlus phones and not other smartphones include the silent switch that was seen in iPhone. This feature was first seen in OnePlus 5. 

Besides that, OnePlus also come with their own charging brick technology that maintains heat while charging.

3.What are the most affordable OnePlus phones in the market?

The most affordable OnePlus phones in the market are OnePlus Nord N100 and OnePlus Nord N100.