NOKIA PHONES Price in Kenya

Nokia Mobile phones just keep getting better and better but what intrigues users more about them is their ability to have a wide range that fits diversely to each and every individual. An example of this is the Nokia Lumia phone which focuses on youths. Ranging from the looks, design, and built the device captures the gadget freak nature of youths immersive. The operating system used by Nokia phones is capable of giving out superb performances to all devices. What sets the brand far apart from others is its ability to have better features such as durability, longevity, and a larger battery.


Under Nokia’s hat, you will be able to find the Nokia X,C, and G series.

Nokia X Series

The Nokia X series has a great battery life and is supported by a 3-year OS and security update. Additionally, they are also processor-wise and feature devices such as Nokia X20 and Nokia X10.

Nokia G series

The G series has high specs but comes at a cost-friendly price. The mid-range smartphones have high megapixel cameras and excellent battery life. They include: Nokia G20 and Nokia G50

Nokia C series

These are entry-level smartphones that are targeted at first-time buyers. They have all-day battery life and 2 years security update. They include Nokia C20 and Nokia C10.


In terms of design, we have to give credit to the Nokia 8.3 5G which comes with a well-designed and remarkable look. It is also followed closely by Nokia 8.1 which has a well-built design and a large clear display.


Users who are going for a camera as their priority can rely on Nokia 9 view with an eye-catching five-camera cluster. It will easily help when it comes to shooting and editing incredibly detailed photos on the go. The five 12 MP cameras work together so as to produce an exceptional dynamic range.

Additionally, Nokia 7.2 which has a 48MP+8MP+5MP+20MP front camera can be counted on when it comes to having a great camera phone. It allows you to take great photos and still get more out of videos.


If you are looking for a huge display for whatever purpose, you will definitely find solace in the 6.81-inch display of Nokia 8.3 and 6.55”display of Nokia 5.3.


Storage space allows you to store more of your content. The largest storage spaced Nokia phones have 128GB RAM. This includes Nokia G20

Nokia 8.1 can be counted on in terms of storage as it has 64GB ROM but Nokia 8 even gives you a better deal with 128GB of internal storage. 


Nokia Smartphones use the snapdragon Chipset. The Snapdragon 845 chipset found in Nokia 9 Pure view gets good credit in terms of performance and is closely followed by Snapdragon 765G chipset in Nokia 8.3.


Budget Nokia phones that are priced up to the range of ksh.2500 include Nokia 105, 106, and 130 feature phones. 


Mid-priced phones that can be found include the likes of Nokia 5310 Xpress, Nokia C1, Nokia 2.1, Nokia 4.2, and Nokia 7.1 Plus. Other phones that are slightly above budget phones pricing are the Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 8.1. 


Phones that support the 5G network include Nokia 9 Pure view and Nokia 8.3


The latest Nokia mobile phone in the market that supports 5G as of early 2022 is the Nokia 9 Pureview and Nokia 8.3 while other recent smartphones in the market are: Nokia 5.3,Nokia C2, and Nokia C1.