Question and Answers

1. Q.Which are the best mobile phone brands available in Kenya?

A.Samsung, iPhone, Redmi, Oppo, and POCO are some of the best mobile phone brands available in the Kenyan market.

2. Q.What are some important features to consider when buying a mobile phone? A.Before purchasing a mobile phone, you must ensure that you consider features and specifications such as the battery capacity, screen size, display type, camera quality, operating system, and SIM compatibility to ensure you purchase a variant that meets all your requirements.

3. Q.What is the minimum RAM capacity needed for a smartphone?

A.4 GB of RAM is considered the bare minimum for a smartphone

4. Q.What influences the speed of a mobile phone? A.The number of processor cores and the higher clock speed of the processor cores can influence the speed of the mobile phone.

5. Q.What are the best feature phones available in Kenya?

A.Nokia 6310, Nokia 105 2021, Tecno T350, are some of the best feature phones available in Kenya.

6. Q.How much storage capacity can I expect in a mobile phone?

A.Most smartphones come with an inbuilt storage capacity of 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. A few high-end models also feature 256 GB, 512 GB and 1TB of storage capacity.

7. Q.What are the different display options available on smartphones?

A.Capacitive touchscreen LCD, IPS-LCD, AMOLED, OLED, and Super AMOLED are the different display types available in smart mobile phones.

8. Q.What are the best display resolutions available on smartphones?

A.You can find smartphones with HD, FHD, and HD+ resolutions. The higher the display resolution, the sharper the displayed content will appear on the screen.

9. Q.What are the best quad-camera mobile phones available in Kenya?

A.Redmi Note 11S, Samsung Galaxy M52, POCO X4 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A53, and realme 9i are some of the best smartphones with a quad-camera setup. 10. Q.What is the benefit of fast charging in phones? A.Fast charging enables the mobile phone to charge faster than the current charging standard, and it can significantly reduce the time you would typically require to charge your phone.